Sunshine (Terri Lutey)

Terri LuteyBeginning her performing experience with her family, instrumentally and vocally, Sunshine wrote songs and won competitions.  Group performances included Kool Kats, Discovery Theatre and Fantabulous Follies, singing and performing in a western band and chorus, at hospitals and rehab centers.  Musical groups included “In Treble Again,” “Benny and the Rose Petals,” “Sunshine and Friends,” “Sunshine Company” and “Sunshine Performance Club.”

Sunshine started an Alzheimer’s Association Club, performed as Karen Andre in “The Night of January 16th,” as Miss Forsythe in “Death of a Salesman,” and has produced, directed and performed in many additional benefit shows.

  • Music with family – vocal, instrumental
  • Wrote songs, won competitions
  • Shows
    • Kool Kats
    • Western Band
    • Choral
    • Discovery Theatre
    • Fantabulous Follies
    • At hospitals, rehab centers
  • Created musical groups
    • In Treble Again
    • Benny and the Rose Petals
    • Sunshine and Friends
    • Sunshine Company
    • Sunshine Performance Club
  • Started an Alzheimer’s Association Club
  • Karen Andre: Theatre Guild’s production “The Night Of January 16th.”
  • Miss Forsythe: The Old Pros’ production “Death Of A Salesman.
  • Produced, directed, and performed in many benefit shows for various charities.