John Ben Holtman

Ben Holtman

Ben has acted in Old Pros and Theatre Guild productions  including “Night of January 16 th”, “Death of a Salesman”, “Aquarius to Woodstock”, and “Senior Follies”.

He was stage manager of other productions, and adapted the script for and directed a Reader’s Theatre performance of Laura.

Ben was Juror 4 in “Twelve Angry Jurors” in 2011.

Ben’s appearances in Village theatre include: “Mornings at Seven”, “12 Angry Jurors”, “One Flew Over  the Cuckoo’s Nest”, “Night at the Copacabana”, “See How They Run”, “Senior Follies”, “Night of January 16”,  “Aquarius to Woodstock”, and “Death of a Salesman.”  He has served as show  producer and stage manager and also adapts popular scripts for The Reader’s Theatre Group.