Jeanne Sanner

Jeanne Sanner Jeanne Sanner started stage acting when she was sixteen.  She is an accomplished actor, director, singer, coach, orchestra conductor, and production coordinator.  Jeanne’s roles range from Eliza in My Fair Lady and Winnifred in Once Upon a Mattress to Linda in Death of a Salesman and Fonsia in The Gin Game. Her directing experiences over the years include The Fantastics, The Mouse Trap and Twelve Angry Jurors, to name a few. Her orchestra conducting includes Oklahoma, Anything Goes and more.  Jeanne owned an acting studio, Class Acting Academy, for seven years and currently teaches acting classes in Laguna Woods Village.

Jeanne wore the Producer’s hat for the first time for the production of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, and she served as an acting coach for the same production.

Jeanne portrayed Linda in Death of a Salesman, Fonsia in The Gin Game, directed The Mouse Trap for the Old Pros, and directed the Twelve Angry Jurors in spring 2011.

Jeanne teaches acting classes and classes on A Course in Miracles here in the village. Jeanne has her doctorate in Spiritual Studies, is the founder and president of the Students of Unconditional Love Club, and is a best-selling author with her book, The Spirit of Unconditional Love: A Handbook.

45 Seconds from Broadway - November 201145 Seconds from Broadway - November 2011

45 Seconds from Broadway - November 2011

45 Seconds from Broadway – November 2011

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest - Triumvirate

One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest – Triumvirate: Jeanne Sanner, Director (left), Sheila Bialka (center), David Dearing (right).

Jean Sanner, Director

Jeanne Sanner, director of Twelve Angry Jurors, April 2011