Irv Snyder

Irv SnyderBorn 1935 in Philadelphia.

Graduated from Temple Dental in 1964.

Interviewed by Larry King on his radio show in Miami in the early 1970’s.

Retired 1986, moved to Breckenridge, Colorado, and stayed for 15 years.

Was involved in the Breck Festival of Film National Repertory Orchestra.

My first gig in show biz was being the spot operator for Death of a Salesman for The Old Pros.

Spotlight operator for The Old Pros in 2008.

Sound effects for several Old Time Radio Shows 2009 and later.

Set construction, painting, set up and strike backstage, props.

Gurney guy in show for the Theatre Guild.

Body guard for Mae West in Night at the Copa.

Interviewed twice on Rob Merritt’s Channel 6 Morning Show.

Enjoy recycling and skiing, among other things. Always interested in the arts, classical music and theatre.