Evelyn Suskin

Evelyn SuskinI was born in Chicago, Illinois. Took Drama and Chorus in High School.

Never pursued any of this after graduating High School, as it was necessary to go to work and help my mother.

Got married in 1949 and had children. Later on, did a few things in P.T.A. shows. In 1961, moved to California with my husband and three children. My husband died in August 1995, and I started speaking and counseling for H.I.C.A.P. which is for the benefit of Medicare Patients. I was also in a video that appeared on PBS for H.I.C.A.P.

In January 1998, I became active in Theatre Guild and met Jack Falit. I worked back stage, and Jack talked me into performing.

I had a lead role in “Second Time Around.”  I also performed in Readings and some musicals, including “Trip Fever.”

I have just joined “The Old Pros.” I would like to learn how to direct.